About Us

Noor Al Madeena is fast growing company.We have been consistently focusing on enlargement of products. We offer a comprehensive range of Standard Products at a competitive price with perfect engineering quality.

"Better superiority" is the principle of Noor Al Madeena.

Mission/ Vision

Our Mission is to provide high quality products and services through innovation, creativity and value. However Our vision is to achieve sustainable growth; we have established a vision with clear goals. We have always shown our commitment to well-being, situation and society by recognizing and implementing noble practice in encouraging a culture of responsibility in everything we do.


We accept obligation for our activities, and we make and support conclusions through knowledge and good verdict. We are devoted to adequate client needs and exaltation assurances that we have made to them.


We have a team of devoted specialized who are enormously skilled in the process Industries, with an skill in operation, engineering, maintenance, and project departments. This team understands your business needs and tries to serve to in the best way.